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P-Box Manufacturing Policy

Our Policy


As manufacturers we are all faced with various cost decisions to ensure we are not priced out of the market.

At P-Box we decided to approach the situation methodically and the following questions arose.

A) How do we cost projects effectively and uphold
growth and sustainability within our own orginization ?
technological advancements within our process ?
products that are market related not just in quality but in price as well ?

B) How do we manufacture projects more cost effectively ensuring
On time delivery ?
Highest Quality ?
Wastage is brought to a minimum ?

C} How do we achieve our goals and help save the environment ?

Notwithstanding the normal savings that need to take place like bulk buying, proper maintenance, slim lining expenses,
cutting salaries, not filling obsolete posts etc. We decide to build a stategy surrounded by the following policies

Manufacturing Policy

Design and manufacture enclosures with the following in mind
Sizing to match the least amount of wastage from the sheet in use
Nesting of components and pieces
Designing without excessive use of NON PLASTIC inserts
Designing and manufacturing products for longevity
Eliminating Spoilt Product and Wastage using latest and simple technology
Design products using cost effective traverse speed without exerting due stress
Design products using the lowest router speeds for maximum bit life and router efficiency

Energy Policy
Older units that are high power users replaced with low consumption controllers (20% Saving)
New Routers employed with equivalent specifications that are 35% more energy efficient
Smaller units deployed for smaller components
If the unit is not in operation SWITCH IT OFF!!
Use Sunlight and Low Level Lighting Were possible
Maintain Vacuum pipes vigilantly using the same vacuum to remove waste and hold product in place
Maintain Air Lines avoiding leaks as air leaks costs money

Recycling Policy

As manufacturers of
Plastic Customised Enclosures
Custom Plastic Products
Plastic Components and
Plastic Parts

We Advocate and Promote the Recycling of Plastic
Design and Manufacture enclosures as far as possible to ensure they are recyclable
Informing our clients of the type of plastic used and the recycling possibilities

What we are doing to assist the recycling process

Installed Seperate bins for our off cuts ABS, PS, PP, Perspex, Pvc etc all have individual recycle areas

Installed Individual vacuum systems per cnc router

Using a reputable recycler that has proper procedures and recycling policies in place

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